Anti fatigue mat, Understanding its Benefits

An anti fatigue mat is exceptionally helpful to the well-being and physical condition of those who need to stand in one place for extended periods of time; its also relevant for people who are undergoing too much pressure or stress, as well as for individuals who can hardly find any other means to relax. The main reason as to why the fatigue mat features numerous health benefits is due to pure physics, because it helps neutralize the enormous forces applied on the body’s limbs, pressure points, muscles and joints brought by gravity and the persistent pounding caused by walking.

Basically, the anti fatigue mat is an ergonomic floor mat intended to relieve the tension of standing on a rigid, firm surface and to trim down the fatigue that comes about due to this. In addition, an anti-fatigue mat is designed with a tad of support and cushion between your foot and the flooring. It actually absorbs much of the impact when moving around on it. It also eases some of the strain and pressure that might restrict circulation.

Without doubt, an anti fatigue mat is created mainly for anti-fatigue purposes. It promotes proper circulation within the body and it also helps improve posture; as these mats are manufactured to allow individuals who are standing, sitting or lying to be in better control of fine movements that will allow the body flow or glide as expected.

Without the use of an anti fatigue mat, there are a number of undesirable things that can easily be experienced; this is not surprising, as the major aim of fatigue mats is to bring about positivity in well being. Some of the possible consequences that can arise when an anti fatigue mat is not used are listed as follows:

  • An anti fatigue mat promotes circulation; if the mat is not being used and you are standing or sitting on firm surfaces for extended hours, your muscles will easily become constricted, thus causing blood flow to stagnate.
  • Posture will also be compromised when you do not use an anti fatigue mat. For instance, if you are standing for long hours on a very hard surface, you will easily experience pain in your lower back which will lead to extreme fatigue and discomfort.
  • In places of work, where employees are subjected to work for long hours can result in their feet becoming extremely flat. If this position continues to occur over multiple times, it will lead to more severe foot illnesses. Hence, the use of a fatigue mat will help prevent such complications.

Clearly, an anti fatigue mat increases comfort and cuts down general pain by absorbing any excess force exerted on the body from walking or standing. They ease tribulations like spinal compression, as well as they help reduce fatigue by delivering a healthier circulation and fewer aches in not only the feet, but also in the spine, legs, neck and back. When reflecting on all these benefits, it easy to conclude as to why a small amount of investment in an anti fatigue mat can convey great returns.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

Anti Fatigue Mat

Apart from the chronic fatigue treatment and the usage of an anti fatigue mat as recommended by doctors, there are also other methods to manage chronic fatigue through the use of complementary and alternative treatments. Alternative medicines are quite effective and very safe to use, some of which are as follows:

  • Ginseng
    This naturally occurring herb is largely used for chronic fatigue treatment and is especially well known and used in Asia for centuries to boost energy and fight fatigue. Based on research, ginseng can exponentially improve the cellular immune function by means of mononuclear cells, a type of blood cell that is necessary for the immune system to combat the invasion of infection in individuals who are suffering from chronic fatigue.
  • L-Carnitine
    When anyone suffers from chronic fatigue, it is found that the level of their carnitine in the body decreases. A low level of carnitine will lead to muscle fatigue, aches and also weakened exercise tolerance. Therefore, taking sufficient amounts of carnitine will help greatly in chronic fatigue treatment.
  • Essential Fatty Acids
    Fatty acids are essential in chronic fatigue treatment as it can ease pain, discomfort and fatigue. One theory in relation to how they function is that viruses decrease the capability of cells to create 6-desaturated essential fatty acids, hence increasing these essential fatty acids will correct the problem.

Natural Way to Cure Fatigue

Apart from using an anti fatigue mat and starting on a chronic fatigue treatment, regular consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice can also relieve stress, pressure and fatigue. Mangosteen Juice is best known as a natural cure for fatigue due to its potent anti-fatigue properties. In praise of these properties, one regular consumer of the original Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“I started mangosteen juice about 3 months ago. Into my second month I noticed the arthritis in my left knee did not ache anymore. I am 58 and exercise at least 3 times a week. I was diagnosed with the arthritic knee at age 40. Shortly after this alleviation of achiness, my restless leg syndrome was occuring less ever week. During the night it is the worst and I have had, before the juice, at least one or two sleepless nights in a week. I also have very dry skin, that has been peeling around my fingers and hands, close to bleeding. With the skin care line and the juice combined, it is no longer peeling and the rawness non-existent. One more benefit I must mention, is several times a month, I would wake and have a day of total exhaustion. I am sure there is someone that remembers the saying of "my blood feels like molasses". It dawned on me the other morning, after a good nights sleep, that I have not had one of those days since I started the juice. I am sure this is not the end of the story and I will continue to see the benefits.”

10/21/2009 -- Kathy from IL

The original Mangosteen Juice is made by pulping the whole Mangosteen Fruit and mixing with nine other fruits to improve on taste. The fruit juice has been well acknowledged in numerous circles, especially within the scientific community, for its huge number of health benefits and highly potent naturally occurring antioxidants.

These helpful properties are all confined within the original Mangosteen Juice, and the body finds it easy to absorb and use the various nutrients for healing from within and maintaining a prime level of health. Fatigue may just be one of the side effects of a more serious problem that is taking place in the body, and when the root causes are improved upon, fatigue and other symptoms tend to decrease and disappear over time.

Mangosteen Juice’s highly potent antioxidant content is also well acknowledged by many because it strengthens the immune system and prevents the body from easily succumbing to various diseases that come about from viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Once the immune system is well boosted, invading microorganisms which also have been known to increase fatigue, will be stifled in their tracks to spread infection. In addition, the antioxidants of Mangosteen Juice is more than competent in neutralizing the numerous harmful free radicals the body comes in contact with daily.

Daily usage of the original Mangosteen Juice together with an anti fatigue mat are excellent options to relieve fatigue. Such complementary usage of food supplements and suitable materials in our environment will help cushion the body from the daily rigours and stress patterns that have become the norm of 21st century living.

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