Anti anxiety drugs, Recognizing and Understanding Usage

When we hear of anti anxiety drugs, the first thing that comes to our minds is that someone had a nervous breakdown. Also, at some point in our lives, we experience anxiety due to jarring circumstances, and more often than not, most forms of anxiety occurs as jumpiness in emotions, or the sensation of butterflies in the stomach or even sweaty palms. This may usually happen just before giving a public speech, or attending a job interview or when having to face a somewhat difficult situation.

Generally, these are normal responses of the body and we do not fret too much about them as they are quite manageable. However, if these fears and worries are preventing you from living a normal life, you may be suffering from anxiety disorders.

For this reason, taking anti anxiety drugs may appear to be a quick fix or a simple resolution for nearly all of us. However, these days, there are so many different types and forms of treatments that can deliver relief for anxiety, and cajole a person back to normality. In addition, a combination of some of these treatments regularly delivers good results and in even some cases, it can prevent anxiety panic attacks.

The most regularly used anti anxiety drugs are Benzodiazepines such as Valium, Klonopin and Ativan. These drugs are fast acting and very efficient in the event of anxiety panic attacks. In fact, sufferers can obtain help from a severe anxiety attack inside an hour of taking these drugs. This is because these drugs reduce the speed of the nervous system and decrease the effects of the chemicals in the brain that trigger anxiety. In addition, these anti anxiety drugs also work by decreasing the activity of the brain.

Other forms of anti anxiety drugs belong to the group of antidepressants, such as Prozac. This particular drug is ideal when compared to Benzodiazepines, due to its record of having lower rate of drug abuse and dependency when taken. It is one of the SSRI’s drugs that are used in managing panic disorder. However, Prozac entails a much longer time to become effective in treating panic disorder. Therefore, this drug is limited to anxiety disorders that involve continued management.

Miscellaneous tranquilizers are also a class of anti anxiety drugs. These drugs have a different chemical composition and appear to work in a different way. Also, a number of medical experts find these drugs to be a first-rate choice because of the reduced number of negative side effects. Buspar and Vistaril fall under this category of anti anxiety drugs.

Apart from these anti anxiety drugs, beta blockers are also used not only for high blood pressure cases but also for anxiety panic attacks. As we know, hypertension creates anxiety and can also activate it. On the other hand, usage of beta blockers, for few medical practitioners, seems like the natural option of prescription choice.

The most commonly ordered drugs in this group work to block the neurotransmitter hormone, norepinephrine. As a result, ithis serves to control anxiety disorder symptoms and prevent anxiety panic attacks. Tenormin and Inderal are just some examples of beta blockers.

Many anti anxiety drugs help to relax and calm the anxious individual and remove disquieting anxiety disorder symptoms. There are numerous drugs for anxiety available at this time. All of these anti anxiety drugs work in different ways, hence it cannot be underemphasized that you work with your specialist in discovering the type of drugs for anxiety that is best for you.

What Are The Anxiety Disorder Symptoms?

Anti Anxiety Drugs

An individual with anxiety disorder may experience various anxiety disorder symptoms. And because of the fact that no two persons are the same, the anxiety disorder symptoms may vary from person to person. On the other hand, one does not need to worry too much about these symptoms because there are numerous anti anxiety drugs that can control them. In fact, these drugs are proven to be effective and can deliver fast effects in controlling not only the symptoms but as well as persistent anxiety panic attacks.

When dealing with anxiety disorder symptoms, you have to weigh the realities of it affecting the physical and the psychological aspects of life. The physical signs and symptoms are due to the messages sent and activated by the brain to the various segments of the body to get ready for flight and/or fight response. The parts of the body, particularly the heart and lungs work more rapidly, and the brain releases stress hormones such as adrenaline, which explains the reason for physical anxiety disorder symptoms.

Physical anxiety disorder symptoms can include the following:

  • Palpitations, diarrhea, dizziness and frequent urination
  • Dry mouth, abdominal discomfort, chest pain and shortness of breath
  • Rapid heartbeat and pain during swallowing or simply difficulty swallowing

Psychological anxiety disorder symptoms can include the following:

  • Lack of concentration on certain task
  • Irritability or bad temper and sleeplessness
  • Feeling unreal and not having power over one’s actions and behavior
  • Fear of going crazy or becoming extinct/irrelevant

Anxiety is the foremost indicator of other mental issues known as anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder symptoms may be different from the indicators of other anxiety problems, but the entire spectrum of symptoms will display extreme, illogical fear and anxiety in some form. But know that all of these can be controlled or better managed with the consultation of a specialist. Upon confirmed diagnosis, you will be prescribed exact anti anxiety drugs that works best for your symptoms, as well as for managing your condition.

Mangosteen Juice: A Preferred Natural Option to Anti Anxiety Drugs

There are generally two general types of treatments for anxiety. One is medical treatment which follows the allopathic model and other is the usage of naturopathic medicines; there is a third category which is also becoming very popular and effective in recent years, which is termed as fused medicine - the usage of both allopathy and naturopathy to achieve maximum desired effects.

When we speak of medical treatments, these would include medical therapies, anti anxiety drugs and surgical treatments; also, all of these are usually performed or conducted by medical experts. On the other hand, alternative medicines comprise of natural treatments, natural remedies and self care strategies such as lifestyle modifications. These two types of treatments are both effective in combating not only anxiety panic attacks and anxiety disorder symptoms, but it also can control symptoms of other illnesses.

In addition, anti anxiety drugs deliver fast relief due to its high quality chemical composition. However, it is a fact that prescription drugs contain lots of negative side effects when compared to alternative medicines, which on the other hand, nearly always comes with little or no side effects. For this reason, many individuals are more receptive to use alternative medicines or any other natural way of treating a disease.

One alternative medicine to consider for anxiety panic attacks is pure Mangosteen Juice. This juice is a preferred choice to many anti anxiety drugs because it contains lots of health benefits associated with mental well being; because it is also dense in nutrients, the juice offers various spillover benefits by way of relief and cure.

Mangosteen Juice origins are from within Southeast Asia, and has become very popular because for one reason, Asians living in rural areas have been using it for more than a millennium in the relief and treatment of various illnesses. One consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this by way of feedback:

“As a woman who is mother, friend, daughter, entrepreneur, fitness and health lover, I am so happy with the on-going benefits my family and I continue to experience every day with mangosteen. I love mangosteen juice, it is savored by my family. We love it and enjoy it with every meal. I also enjoy training my body, however the last few years have been challenging given a number of traumas experienced within my family - but we are now enjoying many rapid positive changes as a result of the mangosteen juice, and I continue to be amazed. I no longer experience the aches that would awaken me from my sleeps, and I'm beginning to sleep again after years of insomnia. My joint pain is almost completely gone, and for the first time no back pain or cramps during my menstrual cycle. For my son, he's now in the black belt club - and more energized than ever. He was not a morning person before, but now singing in the morning and concentrating better than ever in school. Even the teachers are remarking on his progress. Our happiness, focus, and physical well-being means everything to my family and I - so for that alone - I highly recommend mangosteen juice to anybody searching for improved physical and mental well-being. I researched the mangosteen fruit a great deal before drinking it, and feel confident in adding it as a nutritious source of superfruit and xanthones. It's amazing. Mangosteen beverage will be part of our meal plan every day. I encourage you to try it, and want to share it with everybody I know now, I'm sure that you will love it too.”

11/4/2008 -- Bonnie from Ontario

Among its many health benefits, Mangosteen Juice is also known for its anti anxiety properties; the anti anxiety properties work in directly controlling the chemicals released by the brain. This mechanism of action is more controlled or balanced, hence anxiety panic attacks and anxiety disorder symptoms are either prevented or mitigated in some form.

Not only that, Mangosteen Juice also contains many nutrients necessary for healthy brain chemistry. Hence, fears and worries arising from improper balances of brain chemicals can be seen and felt to lessen upon religious, daily consumption. In addition, the highly potent anti oxidant content of Mangosteen Juice eliminates free radicals and at the same time it strengthens the immune system.

Although Mangosteen Juice comes along with numerous benefits, its always wise to consume this juice first together with any anti anxiety drugs medications to see how it works within your body. Since, Mangosteen Juice has no contraindications, its safe for consumption along with any other drugs. Upon continued consumption of Mangosteen Juice and health improvement, there will be time enough later on to discuss with your doctor the need to cut down or scale back any of the drugs you maybe consuming.

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