Allergy eye drops, what you must know

Allergy eye drops are quite the norm for many an allergy sufferer who experiences itchy eyes. There are two different approaches for obtaining these eye drops that help in alleviating the symptoms connected with moderate to harsh allergies. These include over-the-counter drops and prescription allergy eye drops. As you would expect, the allergy eyes drops that are only available through prescription are much stronger, than those that are sold on the shelves of drug stores or pharmacies.

In order to get these high strength allergy eye drops, you must get a prescription from your medical doctor. A visit to your medical doctor will help the doctor determine the exact type of allergy eye drops that you should be using to relieve your eye irritation.

As the drug industry is also profit driven, you will come across many branded eye drops from different manufacturers, all offering a promise over the other. Many of these products are also available for purchase online. However, not all of these drops offer the preferred result. And sometimes they may even deteriorate the situation which results in more eye irritation, pain and burning. To prevent that, you must have the knowledge to identify and use only those allergy eye drops are out of harm's way and suitable to your condition.

Generally it is best to make use of such drops in an ointment or gel form if you are suffering from continuing eye allergies connected with gender-related hormonal changes, seasonal changes and irritation with different particles. It is healthier to use gel-like allergy eye drops because they are well absorbed by the eyes and can last longer. In addition, some of these gel-like allergy eye drops turn into liquid state the moment it is absorbed by the eyes, thus achieving deeper penetration and wider coverage of eye surface.

There are also specific gel-like allergy eye drops that have no additives or preservatives. This is suggested for those with sensitive eyes or those who have previously injured their eyes. Some of these gel-like eye drops however can offer you a short-term blurry vision that lasts for about twenty to thirty seconds. These types of eye drops are best kept for all night use while sleeping.Other allergy related eye drops to consider are those with moisturizers, since it serves to hydrate the eyes and also immediately ease the redness or stinging sensation and itchiness. It is vital to constantly hydrate the eyes to lubricate the external layer of the eyes and steer clear of irritations. It also works like natural tears that sweep away bacteria and dirt that are collected in the eyes. In these ways, infections are avoided and smaller irritants are removed.

allergy eye drops

Furthermore, allergy eye drops with decongestants must be avoided if you have harshly red and dry eyes. The effects of decongestants will only deteriorate it. Decongestants can really reduce the redness by shrinking the swollen blood vessels in the eyes. However, this can make the eyes to be reliant on decongestants and studies also confirm that it can lead to addiction.

Aside from over the counter and prescription drugs, there is also this facility called National Allergy where you can purchase different national allergy supply products for your allergies and asthma related problems. The national allergy supply includes allergy products that help people find allergy relief, sinus relief and asthma relief due to dust pollen allergy, mite allergy, cat allergy and mold allergy.

With these allergy products of National Allergy, you are well-assured of getting relief from many kinds of allergies. In fact, asthma, sinus and allergy sufferers have enjoyed shopping from national allergy printed catalog since 1995. It is the most commonly used allergy products catalog in the country. That is because it is the complete source for everything you need to assist you and your family feel better by decreasing airborne contaminants in your work environments, especially in your homes.

National allergy supply also includes home treatment for allergy relief. National Allergy has presented information behind the cause of home allergens, and the process of eliminating these allergens from your home and environment being the best solution for eye allergies, skin allergies and other allergies. Similarly, denaturing or neutralizing these allergens is also efficient. Dust mite allergen and denatured animal dander are not dangerous even when you inhale them. By treating your furniture and carpet, you can experience allergy symptom relief at home.

Mangosteen Juice in Collaboration with Allergy Eye drops

Mangosteen Juice features special healing properties that help people suffering from allergies, such as eye allergies and skin allergies. In fact, Mangosteen Juice is skin friendly and it is a moisturizer with natural compounds that can be used to put off many skin diseases. The Mangosteen pericarp is being used to make skin products such as Mangosteen Skin Cream, Mangosteen Soap, as well as Mangosteen Shampoo.

Due to the strong antioxidants properties of Mangosteen Juice, it has shown great promise in treating eye allergies, skin allergies and other skin problems. If you are suffering from eye allergies, you may simultaneously use Mangosteen Juice orally and allergy eye drops to rapidly removed eye allergies and other allergies related symptoms.

One thankful consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to say:

“I suffer from Allergies all year round. No rest! I doubted the mangosteen drink for about 2 months untill I ran out of my allergy pills. I started taking it for somthing else and relized my Allergies were gone and I didn't need any more pills. To test it I stopped taking Mangosteen juice for a week. I have to admit it, my eyes started to itch and my post nasal drip came back. I quickly went back on the juice and have not taken a pill ever since.”

4/28/2006 -- PJ from Georgia

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