Recognizing the benefits of adult ADD test

An adult ADD test is chiefly the initial step towards an intervention and management for the disorder. This test is planned and intended to distinguish and analyze the warning signs that are specific to Attention Deficit Disorder. If you found yourself experiencing trouble reading and understanding materials, or getting irritated quickly, talking too much and performing things without thinking, or being very disorganized and achieving nothing regardless of putting in effort, then you have a perfect reason to take an adult ADD test.

In fact, not many parents are taken aback when the results of a medical doctor conducting the adult ADD test comes back with a positive analysis of ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. This maybe because ADD maybe looked at as less threatening than other psychological conditions.

If you suspect a predicament with adult’s distractibility and hyperactivity, it is best to take the adult ADD test at your doctor’s office. This test for ADD in adults can help identify whether Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD may be the primary reason behind the unusual behavior of an individual.

In general, an adult ADD test is very simple to take as it only features a few questions in relation to the suspected symptoms of ADD. However, if the test report is taken to someone who doesn’t have enough knowledge on the disorder, the outcome may turn out to be non conclusive because only a skilled medical doctor is able to make an official diagnosis.

The adult ADD test is based exclusively on behavior patterns since ADD does not have apparent physical warning signs that can be seen in a laboratory test or an x-ray.

The obvious problem with an adult ADD test is that diagnosis and analysis is pretty subjective, and often depends on the broadmindedness of the spectator. What one individual might see as hyperactivity, another might see as well within normal, acceptable behavior. A number of parents find it useful to have numerous people, including the adult or the child fill out the adult ADD test. By having more than one individual finish the ADD test, its possible to match up the outcome and talk about inconsistencies. A diagnosis and analysis of the adult ADD test must be made by one or more qualified mental health experts who is knowledgeable of the disorder; it may also be sensible to obtain a second opinion if your kin is diagnosed as having ADD with the first doctor. Have your kin take another test and evaluate again. Be cautious about jumping to prescription drugs. While these drugs are definitely useful, a latest study released in JAMA or the Journal of the American Medical Association highlights about security and wellbeing concerns.

After the adult ADD test and the medical doctor has confirmed the presence of ADD, a much safer method of treatment worth considering are alternative medicines and therapies, which would also include diet modification, behavioral psychoanalysis, and homeopathic and herbal remedies.

ADD in Adults and the Needed ADD Drugs

ADD in Adults

Once an adult ADD test has brought back a positive ID along with a doctor’s diagnosis, it is now the right time to reflect on ADD drugs. These medications can only be obtained via prescription from a mental health doctor, in order to prevent abuse and dosage issues which could exacerbate the symptoms.

ADD in adults is a serious problem for some because it affects the normal behavior and total functioning of an individual. In fact, an adult with advanced ADD will experience trouble in his or her performance at school or work. Also, the major symptoms which are impulsivity, inattention, hyperactivity and distractibility are very noticeable in the actions of an adult.

In order to bring the symptoms of the disorder under management, the majority of mental health experts prescribe ADD drugs as their first point of action. These drugs come in different forms, such pills, tablets, syrup or even a shot.

One of the most popular ADD drugs is Ritalin. There are a number of obvious pros to taking Ritalin. The first is that it is fairly low-cost. It has been around for many years and it functions rapidly so you should be able to observe the result fairly quick.

If your child is having some predicaments at school and is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, then the benefits they will receive from using Ritalin is that they will squirm or fidget less, they usually will have more concentration on tasks, listening ability is also enhanced and they will manage their emotions better.

For ADD in adults, using Ritalin will help them manage more peaceful relationships with friends and family, have better sense of worth, lessen talkativeness and find it easier to complete tasks. However, Ritalin is not the only drug which is said to perform these functions, there are still many other ADD drugs that can be used to treat the symptoms of this disorder; your doctor will know best on what prescription is most effective for the stage of ADD.

As a reminder, all ADD drugs used to treat ADD in adults have negative side effects, and prolonged usage does have debilitating effects which have raised the concern of many within the family of an ADD sufferer. In order to avoid or at best mitigate the adverse reactions presented by ADD drugs, consult your doctor first prior to using it.

Mangosteen Juice vs. ADD in Adults

Once an adult ADD test is conducted, there are only two outcomes, either you are positive or negative for ADD. If the result is negative, you can be counted fortunate because you will not be experiencing the adverse symptoms connected with the disorder; however if you are tested positive, its best to remain positive and brace up, because there will be some pain you will have to manage for the rest of your life.

For individuals who are tested positive during the adult ADD test, they are initially given a cocktail of ADD drugs to manage the symptoms. However, since most of these medications have side effects, a number have decided to investigate on alternatives that prevent the symptoms of ADD in adults.

One alternative medicine which comes under the field of naturopathy and is well-received to be effective in treating ADD in adults is the original Mangosteen Juice. This Juice is formed in a natural way, under a proprietary formula, and because there are no contraindications attached to it, it will not conflict with any prescribed drugs if taken together, nor does it bring along any side effects, as its considered a food supplement.

For ADD in adults, the Mangosteen Juice will help in maintaining optimum dopamine, serotonin and tryptophan levels in the brain and over time, due to regular consumption, improve overall brain chemistry. The imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain are the main culprits to the symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention and distractibility associated with ADD. One consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“A friend of my husband, told him about Mangosteen juice at the Health Club. Our daughter has been on Ritalin 10mg for 11 years. She is now 17! We started to take the juice in February, us twice a day and our daughter 3 times a day. In March we tried to take her off medicine, but had the same "flares" and tempests we would when the medicine wore out. Nevertheless, we kept taking the Mangosteen juice! In July we were reminded of the devastating effects of the Ritalin on the ADD / ADHD patients. She stopped taking it right then. She makes such supernatural effort to do well in school and never had another outrage as she used to. She is the most fun person to be with and herself can make the difference in the way she feels inside.”


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