Adrenal Fatigue, What Can You Do?

The onset of adrenal fatigue often occurs because of emotional stress, smoking, financial pressures, infections, drugs, poor eating habits, sugar and white flour products, unemployment and several other stress related events. Can you remember the last time you underwent an extreme pressure in your life, be it sickness, death, accidents, trauma, job, children and even conflicts? After this pressure, have you experienced unusual things related to having a hard time in getting yourself together or return to where you used to be? Are you frequently exhausted when you get up, but still excessively worried to go to sleep at hours of darkness? Is it very difficult for you to perform exercise or to relax? If yes, then you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue.

As mentioned earlier, adrenal fatigue is a medical condition wherein the adrenal glands work at a sub-optimal level when individuals are under stress, at rest, or in reply to constant, irregular or periodic demands. Basically, the adrenal glands of a human being are made up of two small glands. It is responsible for releasing fifty special hormones in the body including some of the more well known hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, epinephrine and cortisol.

According to a number of studies and research performed, adrenal fatigue is experienced when the adrenal glands are initiating abnormal functions. In fact, there are so many factors which can make adrenal fatigue possible and these include stresses or pressures associated to profession, debts, working too hard in a high demand job, suffering traumatic events, divorce, moving to a new place and the loss of a loved job or loved one.

Although the causes of adrenal fatigue maybe many, its heartwarming to note that there are numerous things that can be done to combat this condition at this point of time. Very likely, the doctor seeing to your condition will order hormone supplements containing pregnenolone and progesterone, which is known to help in the production of hormones, especially cortisol from the adrenal glands. In conjunction with this, some herbs such as rhodiola is also known to be an effectual approach in treating extreme fatigue. In addition, Vitamin C and E, Vitamin B-Complex, as well as calcium and magnesium are the usual supplements in adrenal fatigue management.

Apart from that, there are also natural approaches in managing adrenal fatigue, as well as extreme fatigue and even menopause fatigue in different ways. Natural approaches are popular as they are noted to be safe and effective; the following is a detailing of effective adrenal fatigue and menopause fatigue management in natural forms:

Natural Adrenal Fatigue Management

Adrenal Fatigue

  • Lifestyle Modifications and Food Eating Habits
    These two natural approaches are considered the most vital adrenal fatigue improvements. Seeing that the main factor for the beginning of adrenal fatigue is constant worry, stress and anxiety, individuals suffering from this illness require to taking plentiful amount of rest. It is highly suggested that individuals take rest in the middle of working hours in order to be re-energized and be capable of working more actively. It is also essential to take habitual breaks from your job, and opt for vacations or holidays where one can relax or wind down. Implementing such measures also help eliminate extreme fatigue and allow positive thoughts and feelings to flow in.
  • Relaxation Techniques
    To lessen extreme fatigue and pressures brought by adrenal fatigue, you can practice or engage in some relaxation techniques or methods such as yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Also, walking, swimming, dancing and jogging are considered relaxation methods that help lessen stress.
  • Reduce Hectic Schedule
    People with adrenal fatigue must re-examine any hectic schedule in their lives and not allow this to affect their sleep. Having 8-9 hours of sleep will assist you in rejuvenating yourself and offer a better chance to start each day with heartiness and eagerness.

Natural Menopause Fatigue Management

  • Have a Bath Before Going to Bed
    If you are experiencing hot flashes due to menopause fatigue, taking a cool bath will help lessen the trouble, but if you are not experiencing this symptom, then a regular hot bath is highly advised to help the body relax.
  • Diet
    The individual type of diet plays a key role in gaining control of menopause fatigue, as well as adrenal fatigue. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and even nuts are all appropriate diet for sufferers. In addition, one should stay away from the habit of skipping meals, and should cultivate the habit of regularly eating for at least 3 – 4 times each day.
  • Don't Overdo Activities
    Indulging into various forms of exercises is a good way of keeping yourself healthy, but overdoing it may trigger menopause fatigue in those susceptible to it and can possibly lead to complications and other related problems. So it is highly recommended that in every activity you perform, not just exercise, you do it in an balanced manner.

Coming to terms with the types of fatigue that put pressures into our daily lives is the best possible way to combat them. Adrenal fatigue, menopause fatigue and even extreme fatigue are controllable and manageable. Keep in mind however that fatigue doesn't need to control our lives; one has to just consider steps to prevail over them and doing it as soon as possible.

Benefits of Drinking Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen Juice has lots of proven, life-sustaining benefits. Preliminary studies have revealed that Mangosteen Juice contains helpful properties such as anti-fatigue, anti-depressant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-viral, anti-ulcer and even anti-obesity. These powerful properties will be of assistance in regaining optimum health condition.

The anti-fatigue properties in particular are a great help in combating adrenal fatigue, menopause fatigue and even extreme fatigue. If you regularly drink the original Mangosteen Juice, you will observe that your body is becoming more active because you are receiving the essential nutrients confined in the all natural fruit juice, which include numerous vitamins and minerals. Also, Mangosteen Juice can energize and rejuvenate your body because it also serves as an energy drink by boosting the efficiency of metabolism at the cellular level. In fact, one regular consumer of original Mangosteen Juice had this by way of a testimonial:

“I experience bronchitis for nearly 15 year, at first it only occurred in the fall and as the years went by it would come on in the spring as well. With increasing episodes and by the end of 2005 I had experience bronchitis 8 times in one year, often triggered by allergies. Time and again I experienced bad reactions to the medications the Drs. would prescribe. I was run down, always tired and starting to experience high blood pressure and ached with arthritis in my back. My cousin appeared one evening in Jan 2006 and set this beautiful bottle on the kitchen table and said, "You are sick all the time. I bought this bottle for myself but why don't you see if it will help you. It helped my friend’s daughter who had cancer. It's called mangosteen juice". With little faith it would help, I took as he instructed 1 oz a day. I was one of the lucky just 3 days I felt I had a new lease on life; it was as if a huge cloud had lifted, and I have tremendous energy and there was this feeling of peace and clear thinking. . Now 2 1/2 years later I can’t imagine being without the original mangosteen juice, I have not had one occurrence of bronchitis, allergies, high blood pressure, my arthritis is less painful and seldom do I experience a sleepless night. The poor souls around me had to hear about this fantastic juice and I nearly drown everyone with it and my excitement. I was broken hearted when everyone else didn’t have the same immediate reaction to the juice. But for the many that did stick to the mangosteen juice for the long term reaped more phenomenal blessings then my own story could produce. It just took time. The fact is, it works differently for each and every person. Often, it’s not what you are taking it for that changes first.”

9/25/2008 -- Ann from California

For adrenal fatigue and extreme fatigue, Mangosteen Juice can also help normalize the function of the adrenal glands and as a result, the releasing of hormones from these glands are balanced. Due of the health benefits of Mangosteen Juice, fatigue can be eliminated and the body is better able to achieve optimum energy to function well.

For menopause fatigue, you may also drink Mangosteen Juice to also help normalize the production of progesterone. Progesterone is one of the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands and once this hormone is altered, fatigue due to menopause can possibly come into view.

Aside from drinking Mangosteen Juice daily, you will also need to consider medical assistance in order to obtain a proper diagnosis for your condition. Fatigue is triggered by so many factors, and seeing a specialist will also allow the specialist to recommend complementary treatments.

Hence, consuming the original Mangosteen Juice daily in fixed amounts alongside with your meals, and complementing with medical assistance is considered the best possible treatment option in prevailing over fatigue, especially adrenal fatigue, menopause fatigue and extreme fatigue. Medical assistance will help you on diagnostic procedures while Mangosteen Juice will help you rejuvenate and invigorate your body.

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