Usage of ADHD patch

One of the most recently developed delivery system of medicine is the ADHD patch. This patch is water resistant and very suitable for people who cannot ingest pills, especially in young children. In fact, it is a great convenience for parents who require extended or prolonged release of medicine for children at school. With this patch, the school will no longer need to administer any type of medications at periodic intervals.

Actually, the ADHD patch that is in the market is referred to as Daytrana, and it is manufactured by Shire. The drug that this latest system delivers is methylphenidate, which is similar to the basic medication obtainable in tablet forms such as Concerta and Ritalin. It is basically the delivery system that makes this ADHD patch distinctive.

The clear benefit of the ADHD patch is its capacity to let each ADHD sufferer to determine the duration of action of the medication on a daily basis. The ADHD patch is to be applied roughly two hours prior to the medication's effect is desired, and the efficacy continues for up to three hours after the patch is detached. The deliverance of the medication is smooth and hassle free throughout the time of wearing of the ADHD patch.

The great thing about this ADHD patch is that it can be worn during bathing, doing exercise or swimming. Parents can visually verify that the patch is in place, and unlike tablets that can be sold or shared with others, the ADHD patch, once applied, cannot be detached to be used over again by others.

However, this patch comes with a drawback too. The negative aspects of the delivery system entail the need for a precise application of the patch every day, at various sites on the body, and the fact that redness is to be expected at the site for up to forty-eight hours after the ADHD patch is removed.

In addition, any form of heat applied to the patch must be avoided because this could change the speed of delivery of the drug into the body. And there exists the likelihood of the development of a local allergic reaction to the bonding agent, or perhaps to the ADHD patch itself.

Learning the Importance of diet for ADHD

ADHD Patch

Apart from the ADHD patch, it is also important to understand the different ADHD diets as this play a great role in the recovery or improvement phase of ADHD sufferers. Idyllically, diet for ADHD would provide assistance for the brain to work better and minimize symptoms of ADHD, like lack of focus or restlessness. Diet for ADHD may consist of the foods you consume and any dietary supplements you may take. You may also take note of ADHD diets described in the subsequent paragraphs:

  • Supplementation of diet for ADHD
    This is a diet for ADHD, which includes adding minerals, vitamins or other nutrients to make up for insufficiencies in your diet that may add to the symptoms of ADHD. This approach is relevant when a dietary component that your body requires is lacking from your present diet.
  • Overall Nutrition for ADHD
    Basically diet for ADHD, is all about the daily food you consume. How does your daily nourishment from food help or hurt ADHD? The postulation is that some types of foods you consume may make the symptoms of ADHD worse or better. You may also be missing a few types of foods that might help lessening the symptoms better.
  • Elimination of diet for ADHD
    Elimination of diet for ADHD entails eradicating certain types of food that are suspected of triggering the symptoms of ADHD. The supposition is that you are ingesting something unhealthy that accelerates the symptoms of ADHD or makes them worse.

Engaging oneself Into ADHD Schools

When children with ADHD are about to reach school age there are many issues that need to be taken into consideration, in order for them to achieve their full potential.

These children require familiarization to a predetermined routine and structure; hence, putting them in ADHD schools that are continuously having to employ supply instructors is not very useful, because they will not be able to mange that well to continuous changes in their routine.

In general, ADHD schools are places where you commonly see ADHD sufferers learning coping mechanisms from their illness. They are being taught techniques on how to manage their inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. ADHD schools should help them to at least minimize the untoward behavior they’re dealing with; hence ADHD schools serve as one of the best places for them to learn life skills.

So, engaging your child in reliable ADHD schools is one option to help them learn things and to guide them progressively into adulthood.

Mangosteen Juice Offers Help to ADHD Sufferers

Apart from engaging your child in ADHD schools, learning how to manage diet for ADHD and applying ADHD patch, it is also wise to comsider alternative ways to help your child from ADHD. Alternative medicines have been around for decades and sometimes, as in this discussion, more than a millennium; and it is widely used by people who believe in the power of natural elements and for people who do not want to suffer from the negative side effects of prescription drugs.

Actually, when speaking of alternative medicine for ADHD, there are basically very few naturopathic medicines that have been reported extensively to provide significant assistance to ADHD sufferers. At the top of these glowing reports, is the Mangosteen juice. Mangosteen Juice is very helpful especially for people suffering from ADHD. It has powerful health benefits and nutrients that help children or adults with ADHD to control their impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

Mangosteen Juice is safe for all ages and even if you drink one bottle a day, it won’t cause any negative side effects. Aside from the ADHD patch, you can integrate Mangosteen Juice into diet for ADHD. The combination of these two can further put off the symptoms of ADHD. One parent who has been trying this juice with her son who has ADHD has this to report:

“I have been giving mangosteen Juice to my 10 year old son with ADHD. For the first time in his life, he is living a normal life. No more hyperactivity. His school teacher is even saying that he has been much more attentive at school. My 10 year old calls it his " BE GOOD JUICE." Thank you mangosteen.”

9/23/2006 -- Jody from Australia

With the proven health benefits of Mangosteen, it is not much of a surprise as to why it is able to help ADHD sufferers significantly. In addition, Mangosteen Juice can boost the immune system of these ADHD sufferers and it can also defend them from any invading infections or bacteria, which they have been known to be especially susceptible to.

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