ADHD meds, identifying the various types

Well meaning parents who want what’s best for their children often conclude that ADHD meds will be the only available solution to cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But the brutal truth is, this is just the tip of the iceberg, for the reason that under duress, parents are frequently going uninformed that nutrition and definite behavioral treatment can also work in tandem with ADHD meds to assist the child through this difficult period.

Many parents may not understand that allopathic ADHD meds and natural ADHD meds have been 2 of the treatment choices for many years. Usually this happens because allopathic trained medical practitioners typically recommend pharmaceutical medications and these medicines, may also have been publicized deeply in the media and in women's glossy magazines by the manufacturers.

Actually, when you understand the big picture of allopathic ADHD meds and natural ADHD meds, you will discover that these medicines working hand in hand are more effective, than just depending on one school of thought in the selection of ADHD meds.

Types of allopathic ADHD Meds

ADHD meds are no doubt very important in treating ADHD in adults and in children. Despite the fact that it is not the said treatment for eradicating ADHD altogether, it can provide assistance in decreasing inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. However, it is vital to choose allopathic ADHD meds, which are known to have little side effects as a preference.

  • Concerta Oral
    Methylphenidate is used to treat both ADHD in adults and children as part of an entire treatment plan including educational, social measures and psychological. These types of ADHD meds are mild stimulants that work by tweaking the chemicals level in the nervous system.
  • This medicine may also be employed to care for certain sleeping disorders to help you stay awake throughout the day. It must not be used to care for tiredness or to put off sleep in individuals who do not have a sleep disorder.

    adhd meds

  • Dexedrine Oral
    Dextroamphetamine is a type of stimulant. It is said to function by re-establishing the balance of certain natural chemicals in the brain. This drug is not recommended for children below the age of three years, so it is only for ADHD in adults.
  • Intuniv Oral
    Intuniv is one of ADHD meds used to treat ADHD, in patients older than 6 years of age. This drug is a guanfacine, and its ability in treating ADHD cannot be definitely established. However, guanfacine is believed to affect receptors in some parts of the brain, that makes it possible in strengthening working memory, improving attention, bettering impulse control and decreasing distraction.

Natural ADHD meds

The moment ADHD in adults or children has been diagnosed, the next step is finding suitable ADHD meds without the negative side effects or keeping these side effects to a bare minimum. Initially, this may seem like quite an easy mission with all of the present prescription treatment options that are available. So what are the ADHD meds without negative side effects? Well actually there is none.

If all ADHD meds have negative side effects, then it maybe the preferred choice to seek natural treatments for ADHD, although this may take slightly longer to see visible results. When we speak of natural medicines, these alternative medicines have to be processed without altering their natural ability in health improvement, else it can easily end up as allopathic medicine with some negative side effects. One well known and well received naturopathic substance for ADHD in adults and children is the Mangosteen Juice.

Mangosteen Juice became famous not too long ago, because of the huge varieties of health benefits and nutrients it offers to human beings and even to animals. During preliminary studies, which have been published on PubMed, many experts found that Mangosteen Juice has no side effects, and features astonishingly powerful nutrients and health benefits.

In fact, Mangosteen Juice can help ADHD in adults and children, making it one of the natural ADHD meds used by many sufferers of this condition. This botanical that was crafted over millenniums by nature, features numerous nutrients and health benefits that help maintain optimum chemical levels in the brain for its proper function. As a result, hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness are better controlled or managed for sufferers of ADHD.

Not only that, Mangosteen Juice also has very powerful naturally occurring antioxidants that fight off harmful substances in the body, known as free radicals; as the brain is the organ that experiences the greatest level of oxidation, compared to other organs, the quick neutralization of free radicals in the blood, boosts clarity of thought and reduces the unhealthy buildup of toxins in brain matter. This is great news indeed because harmful substances invading the human body are lessened and controlled, especially for ADHD sufferers who are more susceptible to these harmful substances. As one parent of a ADHD sufferer has this to say:

“When my son was in the first grade he was struggling in school, so we took him to the Dr. where he was diagnosed with ADD- attention deficit disorder. Because my husband and I were against the popular drug Ritalin, the Dr. prescribed Effexor which is an anti-depressant. After 6 weeks of this medication we decided we would rather deal with the symptoms of ADD rather than Brennton having to deal with the side-effects of the drugs. The next four years in school were very difficult and expensive. Brennton had a hard time focusing in class and as he became more frustrated with learning, he became more socially agitated and was soon labeled as “the trouble-maker.” We hired tutors to assist him in passing each year. It was his 6th grade year that his life turned around. His teacher shared a juice with us; a juice made with the Mangosteen fruit. I had never heard of the Mangosteen fruit! It was in mid September of 2004 that we started Brennton on 1 oz. three times a day of this amazing juice. The first difference we noticed was in his attitude. Getting him up for school in the mornings got easier as the year progressed. By the Christmas holidays Brennton’s grades had improved and we were making fewer trips to talk to the school principal. In the spring he became involved in school sports and was starting to be admired by his peers. He attended a week-long science camp with his class, and he came home with plans of going back to be a counselor. For the first time he ended the school year with passing grades. This summer he attended a football camp and came home with honors and awards. The Mangosteen juice has allowed Brennton to realize his own potential and with no unhealthy side effects. He drinks it everyday faithfully. When I clean his room I find empty bottles under the bed; he will not go without it. This Mangosteen juice has been a blessing to Brennton and to our whole family.”

Denise from California

The Help of ADHD Camps

Children and adults with ADHD will, almost by definition, have an energy surfeit. They are, after all, inclined to hyperactivity. Thus, to let them go to specific ADHD camps is to permit them to go to a certain place where the call for them to expend that built-up energy in the best possible way, has been well documented.

Actually, there are now more than a few centers running ADHD camps all the way through Canada and in USA, and just at a speed glance, it will be noticeable that within these ADHD camps, the centers have lots of similarities to one another.

When someone in the family suffers from ADHD, usually well meaning family members place great importance on spending a great deal of time outdoors for the sake of the ADHD member, in as natural an atmosphere as possible. This is consistent with the school of thought that ADHD in adults and children can often gain from being in close propinquity to the peace and soothing, calm natural surroundings.

All of the featured ADHD camps make mention that youngsters with ADHD require having a channel, or a variety of different and challenging channels for their surfeit energy. Hence, numerous ADHD camps centers will present such activities as horse riding, hiking and mountain climbing, all intended to use up excess energy and at the same time presenting adventure and a likelihood for every participant to sharpen their team-building abilities.

In the end, any individuals affected by ADHD will undeniably enjoy great benefits from having the opportunity to go to ADHD camps.

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