Does your ADHD medicine cause side effects?

There are quite a few kinds of ADHD medicine that can be employed to treat the symptoms of this psychological disorder ADHD. They can enhance symptoms of poor impulse control, hyperactivity and inattentiveness related with ADHD. Seeking help from an ADHD specialist can assist you greatly in identifying the best treatment.

ADHD medicine has been shown to aid an individual’s ability to do particular tasks, such as pay heed or have more self-control in particular situations. It is not recognized whether these drugs can develop wider aspects of life, such as learning, reading skill or relationships. Conversely, when children who are diagnosed of ADHD are not getting their prospective in school, medical management can regularly result in better behavior and grades.

Furthermore, it is necessary to take ADHD medicine just the way your medical doctor prescribes it. Be prepared to continue with your doctor's instruction even if you feel that the medicine is not working. Ensure to have a discussion with your medical doctor if you think the medicine is not working well.

It is recommended to consume ADHD medicine 25 to 40 minutes prior to a meal. The best possible times to take these prescription drugs are before breakfast and also before lunch, if a second dose is required. Second dose can be given to children at school. If your child is capable of consuming this medicine at school, inform your medical doctor. Your medical doctor may recommend a long-acting drug as an alternative. The long-acting type of ADHD medicine is taken once a day, just right ahead of breakfast. If you are taking the long-acting type of this drug, do not chew, crush or break it prior to swallowing it.

It is also very important to recognize that psychostimulant ADHD medicine employed to manage ADHD are referred to as controlled medicines. There are particular rules governed by laws in relation to the way controlled drugs can be approved. The instructions and preparations for controlled drugs, such as dextroamphetamine and methylphenidate must be refilled at the drug store every month.

List of ADHD Medicine

ADHD Medicine

  • Psychostimulant Drugs
    Taking ADHD medicine such as a psychostimulant is usually the first line of defense to treat ADHD symptoms. Psychostimulant drugs work by means of improving one’s capability to attend work or school and to finish tasks. Drugs such as methylphenidate and dextro-amphetamine are common options. These drugs need close supervision under a medical doctor for the reason of possible substance abuse.
  • Antidepressants Drugs
    Being incapable to focus and concentrate are tribulations suffered by those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are a number of antidepressant drugs that offer great help, particularly SSRIs or selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. ADHD medicine like sertraline or fluoxetine maybe prescribed to be taken on a daily basis to enhance functioning.
  • Combination Drugs
    Blends of ADHD medicine is common and can be helpful. Observing how a person having ADHD responds to some of the drugs used for ADHD and consulting a medical doctor specializing in ADHD by being straightforward regarding ADHD symptoms can help in identifying a prescription regimen that is effectual.It is useful to be equipped with sufficient knowledge regarding ADHD medicine, including its pros and cons. It is typically the first treatment choice opted by most medical doctors. It is essential to also recognize that you have other treatment choices accessible to you, which may prove to be attractive due to safety and absence of negative side effects.

What is ADHD and ADHD Support Groups?

What is ADHD maybe the most common question among people who do not have enough knowledge of this psychological disorder. What is ADHD, anyway?

First and foremost, doctors, researchers and psychiatrists do not all have the exact same opinion; at times, much of what you regarding ADHD is basically a person’s theory into the behavior.

Basically, ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactive disorder. The word attention deficit pertains to a child's incapability to stay psychologically tuned into a set of doings or activities. These children are easily distracted by certain things such as noise and movement. On the other hand, the word hyperactive pertains to the child's incapability to be still.

What is ADHD is at times a broad question as many people concerned about this disorder have different views. In fact, when you ask an individual who has some knowledge on this disorder, he or she may answer it with a dash of any experiences the person has had with an ADHD person. Therefore answering what is ADHD is largely dependent on a person’s exposure to the condition, treatment procedures followed and further research that has been discovered to add to our understanding.

What about ADHD support groups? Do they really help ADHD people? Basically, ADHD support groups will comprise of trained people capable of handling and implementing appropriate actions towards treating this disorder.

Those making up ADHD support groups undergo certain trainings and seminars in order to apply their abilities in helping ADHD people. With ADHD support groups, you are provided knowledge, help and the support you need. We are all aware that aside from ADHD medicine, support from family, friends and others is also pivotal to the management of ADHD.

One benefit offered by ADHD support groups is that if you are the parent of a child suffering from ADHD or you suffer from ADHD yourself, these groups help maintain positivity in treating this condition. These groups help families to not feel alone in their struggle to maintain normalcy when there is a ADHD member, and also feel collected in their energies to look at the future positively.

Mangosteen Juice maybe the Best, Natural ADHD Medicine

After obtaining sufficient knowledge on what is ADHD, as well as getting help from ADHD support groups, it is wise and practical to learn more of natural ADHD medicine that have been reported to alleviate this disorder. Natural remedies can be quite often more effective and definitely safer to use, as being natural, they do not bring along with them the negative side effects that are commonly associated with drugs.

One well reported and hugely popular naturopathic medicine that is formed in the crucible of nature over millenniums, is none other than the Mangosteen Juice. For those with ADHD, regular consumption of Pure Mangosteen Juice can help much in improving on ADHD symptoms and addressing brain chemistry.

Pure Mangosteen Juice contains powerful nutrients which brings about healing to various systems and organs within the body, and also because it possesses a good amount of anti-oxidants, it helps in neutralizing the vast amounts of free radicals that would otherwise enter our body everyday and cause further damage.

Because Mangosteen Juice works at restoring brain chemistry, inclusive of addressing dopamine and serotonin levels, it is a preferred choice of treatment for its holistic approach to healing the mind and body. As Hippocrates once mentioned, ‘Let Food Be Your Medicine’, Mangosteen Juice is a natural ADHD medicine that is to be consumed daily before meals; as Mangosteen Juice is classified as a food supplement and not a drug, there is also peace of mind with regard to safety and side effects. One parent had this to recount on her first hand experience in using Mangosteen Juice with her ADHD son:

“When my son was in the first grade he was struggling in school, so we took him to the Dr. where he was diagnosed with ADD- attention deficit disorder. Because my husband and I were against the popular drug Ritalin, the Dr. prescribed Effexor which is an anti-depressant. After 6 weeks of this medication we decided we would rather deal with the symptoms of ADD rather than Brennton having to deal with the side-effects of the drugs. The next four years in school were very difficult and expensive. Brennton had a hard time focusing in class and as he became more frustrated with learning, he became more socially agitated and was soon labeled as “the trouble-maker.” We hired tutors to assist him in passing each year. It was his 6th grade year that his life turned around. His teacher shared a juice with us; a juice made with the Mangosteen fruit. I had never heard of the Mangosteen fruit! It was in mid September of 2004 that we started Brennton on 1 oz. three times a day of this amazing juice. The first difference we noticed was in his attitude. Getting him up for school in the mornings got easier as the year progressed. By the Christmas holidays Brennton’s grades had improved and we were making fewer trips to talk to the school principal. In the spring he became involved in school sports and was starting to be admired by his peers. He attended a week-long science camp with his class, and he came home with plans of going back to be a counselor. For the first time he ended the school year with passing grades. This summer he attended a football camp and came home with honors and awards. The Mangosteen juice has allowed Brennton to realize his own potential and with no unhealthy side effects. He drinks it everyday faithfully. When I clean his room I find empty bottles under the bed; he will not go without it. This Mangosteen juice has been a blessing to Brennton and to our whole family.”

Denise from California

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