ADHD camps, what are the benefits.

ADHD camps for children and adults provide the opportunity to work together and learn social skills by way of organized activities. Camps are offered to both youths and teens with ADHD at many times throughout the year. Combining physical, social and academic activities is the major focus of the camp experience.

Sending your children struggling with ADHD to these camps could be a real eye opener to both parents and children alike. These children are frequently misunderstood and experience grave social seclusion amongst their groups and peers. They regularly put up with learning disabilities too.

Such a camp will provide an enjoyable venue where they are understood and won't feel alone in managing their condition. Many of these camps also offer academic assistance specific to the learning disabilities regularly associated with ADHD. Here are some of the tips on how to discover the right ADHD camps for kids and adults.

  • Perform Research by Means of Online System: There are lots of directories on the Internet that specialize in helping the ADHD children and parents find the best ADHD camps. A number of ADHD camp websites deliver information on the type of activities they offer. All you have to do is visit these websites and find out more on what they offer in setting up an ADHD camp. These camps are generally well-matched for children struggling with different degrees of ADHD.
  • Decide on the Right ADHD camps: If there is a diagram or map, searching becomes easier since all you need to do is to click on the diagram or map or either the list of states on the page that comes up. This will no doubt bring you a huge list of ADHD camps offered in that state.
  • Look into the ADHD camps that come up on the listing. These camps concentrate in working with ADHD children and adults. There is always a little synopsis that informs you a little bit about that particular ADHD camp. For a more comprehensive read, you may do a specific search for that ADHD camp on the net.
  • Make contact with the ADHD camps to understand their rules and regulations. From the internet listing, you can obtain the address and telephone number of the camps. You may also request for more information via email by clicking on that tab. This will direct you to a form that you will need to fill up. Once forwarded, a rep from of ADHD camp will speak to you or mail you a package of important information and registration forms.
  • Lastly, reserve your ADHD camp spot as early as possible. Specialty camps will fill up quickly! Obtain your registrations by spring. January till March is the usual registration time.

Attending an ADHD camp will also provide great activities that cultivate and promote a sense of togetherness, being accountable for one’s actions and attaining challenging goals. In view of the fact that children with ADHD usually are lacking one skill or the other, exposing them within an ADHD camp maybe a good environment to learn, as they engage in play with others.

Pros and Cons of ADHD Meds

ADHD camps

During an ADHD camp, it is essential that ADHD meds are always at your side. These medications can play a vital role in controlling the symptoms of ADHD during their activities in the camp. According to experts, ADHD meds only relieve the symptoms of the disorder but can’t totally eliminate the disorder itself. As also claimed, there is no single or group of ADHD meds that can permanently stop the ADHD altogether. However, these meds are obviously a great help in controlling and managing an adverse situation that may otherwise arise due to ADHD.

If you are collecting facts on ADHD and considering ADHD meds, here are a few things you should be in the loop of.

  • ADHD meds are Not a Cure: This maybe a bolt of blue to a number of people but this is the case at present. Non-stimulants, SSRIs and Stimulants are categories of ADHD meds which are intended not to restore to perfect health but to deal with the symptoms.
  • The Right Intervention and Management: Your medical doctor will be in the best position to make a decision on this, and his recommendations are worth acting upon. Looking for the most appropriate ADHD meds at times may take awhile, as your doctor monitors the way your child reacts to the prescriptions.
  • The Doctor Knows Best: If you are prepared to go down the road of prescription ADHD meds, you must toil hand in hand with your medical doctor. Stable and continuous communication will go a long way in assisting your medical doctor make the most excellent diagnosis and recommendations.
  • Side Effect Dangers: Nearly all prescription based ADHD meds fall under drugs, hence they come along with the danger of side effects. Hence, one has to go about identifying and recognizing whether the side effects are debilitating enough that it outweighs the benefits. If you are concerned about the dangers of side effects of the prescribed drugs, be straightforward with your medical doctor. The doctor may be competent to switch to a different prescription medication which generates a smaller amount known side effects.

Those who have had to manage ADHD would be familiar with ADHD meds such as Adderall and Ritalin, and they can be incredibly efficient for a few people. While this may be the case, lots of of those facing the troubles of ADHD symptoms are also opting for a more natural approach.

Mangosteen Juice – Natural ADHD Meds at the ADHD Camp

When your kids are involved in an ADHD camp, it is worth having ADHD meds which are natural, to be available by your side. Natural medicines are known for not causing negative side effects as compared to prescription drugs. We are all aware that ADHD symptoms can happen at anytime and anywhere, so in order to lessen or stop these symptoms, natural forms of ADHD meds like the popular Mangosteen Juice will work effectively.

Pure Mangosteen Juice is a powerful health supplement as its is derived from a botanical that usually occurs in South-east Asia. This juice tastes like a fruit punch because it has been mixed with nine other fruits to improve on taste, hence, some have likened it to an all fruit beverage - nothing like taking fruits everyday in ground format! The main ingredient in this juice that brings a host of healing effects to the body, including the mind, is the pericarp and seeds of the mangosteen, which have been used for more than a millennium in folk medicine in the villages, to treat a whole range of diseases and medical conditions.

The village healers in the early days did not know why the fruit offered so many benefits, and today science is playing catch up on explaining how the substance works in the body to bring improvement. With regard to ADHD, the juice works by stabilizing the dopamine and serotonin levels in the mind, thus improving on brain chemistry; at the same time, its working on the gullet to improve on absorption of vital nutrition which the body may not have had for a period due to some internal injury in the gullet or failure of development for some reason. As the botanical is able to work on many fronts in the body and not just the symptoms on any particular medical condition, it brings a holistic approach to medical intervention and management for a variety of medical conditions.

One mother who experimented Mangosteen juice with her son who has ADHD had this to recount:

“Mangosteen juice for depression is an area that I saw immediate (well almost - ½ hour) results with, in my ADHD/ODD, sleep deprived, unmotivated 17 year old son. After refusing medications for depression, my son tried the Mangosteen juice as a taste test basically upon receiving our first order. Within a half hour he returned from his bedroom hide-out, energized, talkative and clearly uplifted (he even cleaned out my refrigerator and cooked dinner that night!). A couple hours later he indicated that he thought "this stuff" really helped. My son's 8 years of Ritalin use has been discontinued. He now sleeps better, has greatly improved school attendance. He is consistently working out at the gym, eating better and generally feeling better. I strongly suggest that you give this a try with your child. Encourage consistency in using Mangosteen juice and base amounts on child's size. My son is a big boy (although he has lost 20 pounds since resuming a more active, healthy lifestyle), & takes an average 2-3 ounces each time he uses it, is 2 - 3X per day. Now keep in mind I didn't say this cures everything....the obsessive compulsive side of my son has had to slow him down on the juice a few times when he drank close to a whole bottle one day!”

12/7/2004 -- Cathie

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