ADD drugs, knowing the mechanism of action and the adverse effects

For more than 15 years medical specialists have been prescribing ADD drugs for an increasing number of ADD patients, who also progressively take more medications with the passing years. With the prolonged and comprehensive use of ADD medication, there has been growing concern that such medications might inflict a silent disorder of the brain over the long run.

In general, stimulant ADD drugs are helpful in treating the symptoms of the ADD disorder as it can perk up attention, focus, concentration, work efficiency and curb impulsive actions and behaviors, thus improving the quality of life and daily interactions for those afflicted with ADD.

Based on the most recent research, the majority of stimulant ADD drugs have given prognosis that the function and structure of the brain could be altered in such ways that they may increase anxiety, slow down mood and, in quick contrast to their temporary beneficial effects, bring about cognitive dearth.

Its to be noted that ADD drugs and other ADD medication, are potent psychotropic mind-altering substances that are frequently molecularly indistinguishable to street medications. In fact, the trade and commerce of psychiatry is such that it maybe practically owned by a single, large pharmaceutical company, which then promotes the drugging of each child, adult and teenager with no less than one mind-altering drug.

However, researchers have recognized and appreciated the observation that only kids ingesting these ADD drugs suffer or experience hallucinations. Those using placebo had no hallucination effects, and the kids who stopped using ADD medication, saw their hallucinations come to an end.

Dilemmas Linked to ADD drugs and other ADD Medication

ADD drugs

There are now numerous ADD drugs on the market that can be used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, but there are just as many dilemmas and issues in relation to the possible side effects these ADD medication (s) could have, particularly in children.

The decision as to whether or not to use ADD medication to address a child suffering from ADD is a personal decision that requires to be evaluated firstly by well trained medical specialists and parents working collectively towards the best interests of the child. The following are some of dilemmas encountered with these ADD drugs.

  • Addiction and Dependence on ADD Drugs
    Lots of medical specialists and parents have expressed worry that ADD medication might be addictive; this premise has the support of research and findings which show that these drugs are processed by the human body gradually to cause addiction, dependence and cravings.

    On the other hand, Ritalin types of ADD medication have been around since the 1940’s, and studies and research explain that only 1 to 4 percent of the kids who used it have had a dilemma with addiction in the long run.

  • Addiction and Dependence Devoid of ADD Drugs
    A number of children psychologists claim that research and studies has not only revealed that the majority of children who take ADD medication do not have an addiction dilemma, but fifty-five percent of kids with ADD who are left untreated or unmanaged, do misuse or exploit alcohol and drugs to some degree in their lives.
  • Heart Defects and Psychiatric Disturbances
    The Food and Drug Administration has discovered that abrupt death can take place in individuals taking ADD drugs if they had a prior heart disorder. A family medical history review and detailed physical examination must be performed before managing ADD with any prescription drugs.

    On the other hand, although uncommon, the Food and Drug Administration has notified that psychiatric disturbances including obsession and the hearing of voices may occur in patients who are using ADD medication.

    Therefore, prior to treating ADD with medications, it is always best to consider the pros and cons of these ADD drugs. Nearly everyone knows that all ADD medication feature many side effects that can affect the vital organs and the normal functioning of an individual. Working together with your cognitive medical specialist can help lessen the possible side effects.

How Natural Remedies for ADD Work?

If you are one of the parents of an ADD child, it may have come to your awareness that the usage of ADD drugs are not always very safe and effective in the long run. Since this is the case, other types of treatment for ADD may seem more attractive, especially the use of well received natural remedies for ADD.

Natural remedies for ADD can help people with ADD who are having a hard time managing their actions and behavior. ADD drugs under a doctor’s supervision, coupled with meditation and protein foods, maybe a good mix of natural substances with allopathic medicine.

Natural remedies for ADD can also assist in dampening excessively active children. Children or adults who are suffering from ADD can have a difficult time paying attention to certain tasks and rules and frequently lack self-discipline.

Consequently, children who have symptoms of ADD may perform below par at school, experience trouble in getting along in the company of peers, and also have tension at home. These ADD warning signs can be better managed by means of natural remedies and other types of treatments. Keep in mind though that ADD must be formally diagnosed prior to any alternative treatment.

There are more than a few treatment plans accessible for people who have ADD. In fact, a number of natural remedies for ADD have been reported by consumers to be more efficient than some ADD drugs and other ADD medication. The entire usage of ADD treatments will largely depend on the child. Although lots of children do derive benefit from taking ADD drugs, its also to be noted that natural remedies for ADD help people stay focused and calm.

  • Meditation: One of the Best Natural Remedies for ADD
    Several studies point out that transcendental meditation is one of the best natural remedies for ADD. This type of meditation can assist people to deal better with constant worry, nervous tension, stay calm and think better with focus. The convenient truth of such meditation is that an individual can perform it anytime, anywhere.
  • Putting Off ADD Symptoms by Removing Food Allergy Activators
    At some point in time, natural remedies for ADD such as modifying an individual’s diet can be very effective. Food allergies have been known to exacerbate the behavioral patterns in people suffering from ADD. Those with ADD have to first identify whether they have any food allergies, after which to progressively eliminate those trigger food substances from their daily diet.

Mangosteen Juice – One of Well Received Natural Remedies for ADD and a serious contender to standard ADD Medication

Apart from using ADD drugs and other forms of natural remedies for ADD, Mangosteen Juice has increasingly created news for addressing numerous health conditions, including ADD and other mental issues. Mangosteen Juice key ingredient is the whole mangosteen fruit, which is nutrient dense and is a complex, vast array of phytoceuticals which work synergistically together within the human body to bring numerous health benefits without any negative side effects.

For those with ADD, all they will need to do is integrate the original Mangosteen Juice into their daily diet treatment plan. In the medium to long term, they will notice a vast improvement in their health status and the ADD symptoms have either been mitigated or lessened to a considerable degree. In fact, one user of Mangosteen Juice had this to say:

“A friend of my husband, told him about Mangosteen juice at the Health Club. Our daughter has been on Ritalin 10mg for 11 years. She is now 17! We started to take the juice in February, us twice a day and our daughter 3 times a day. In March we tried to take her off medicine, but had the same "flares" and tempests we would when the medicine wore out. Nevertheless, we kept taking the Mangosteen juice! In July we were reminded of the devastating effects of the Ritalin on the ADD / ADHD patients. She stopped taking it right then. She makes such supernatural effort to do well in school and never had another outrage as she used to. She is the most fun person to be with and herself can make the difference in the way she feels inside. “


One of the great benefits of mangosteen juice is its ability to help alleviate the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. When mangosteen juice is consumed regularly, the xanthones act as anti-inflammatories within the gut. When the gut is not inflamed, it’s lining stops toxins from passing into the body or the bloodstream and eliminates them normally. The connection between mangosteen and leaky gut syndrome is especially important in the context of mental health and a properly functioning nervous system.

Mangosteen has powerful phytochemicals that help boost the health of many functions in the body, including brain function, which is connected to the possible causes of ADD. The regular use of mangosteen juice diminishes hyperactivity and ADD symptoms, thus working as well as, if not better than most ADD drugs.

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