Helping ADD people by means of an effective ADD diet

The ADD diet has come into view from a diagnostic label provided to individuals on treatment for especially difficult symptoms in chiefly four aspects of their lives, which are impulsivity, inattention and boredom.

ADD or attention deficit disorder comes in many types. It is a psychological condition that has been known to express itself most of the time due to genetic abnormalities; in progressive ADD, the condition causes certain neurological problems affecting one or more portions of the brain, which creates different profiles of individuals. It is also noted to be a condition that normally affects young children, although adults have been known to also succumb to it in later stages of life.

The ADD diet is considered by many who have tried it to be one of the most excellent methods to treat ADD. This is not shocking, for the reason that we have frequently been told by those in the know that we are certainly what we consume. Also, a good ADD diet will have nutrition to lessen the severe symptoms of this condition, hence ascribing to what Hippocrates once mentioned, ‘Let Food be your Medicine’.

Actually, there are lots of medicines obtainable and accessible through doctor prescriptions to treat ADD, but these drugs do come along with much discussion over their efficacy and real dangers of abuse or overuse; due to safety issues and other reasons, several parents whose children have been diagnosed with ADD, have become more open and receptive to alternative ADD management models, which also includes pursuing an effective ADD diet.

One myth that parents hear, however, about treating their child's psychological condition through an ADD diet is that by means of removing certain types of food and increasing others, they can absolutely treat their child of ADD. While studies and research have shown that particular types of food when avoided can assist children with ADD to control and manage their symptoms well, whilst other foods when eaten more can provide more assistance, ADD cannot be treated fully by just relying on an effective diet without other forms of help.

ADD Diet: What to Eat to Optimize the Mind struggling with ADD?

Just like certain kinds of foods can make the brain foggy, other kinds of foods can optimize and improve the performance of the brain. Here are some types of foods which are considered appropriate to include in your ADD diet, to feed the mind that struggles against the onslaught of ADD.

ADD Diet for Breakfast: Low Carbohydrates and High Protein

ADD Diet

Say goodbye to the normal breakfast meals, milk and cereals. Milk and cereals are generally high in sugar and carbohydrate, which is proven to be a bad blending for the ADD brain. In addition, there are also lots of children who are sensitive to milk. Therefore, the typical American breakfast that comprises of milk and cereal is not ADD friendly.

As an alternative, it is best to serve 50% to 80% protein and 40% to 50% carbohydrates for breakfast. Such an ADD diet should include eggs, some toast and breakfast meats.

  • Mineral Supplements
    In formulating an ADD diet, mineral supplements will provide great help to the ADD brain. Fully chelated or colloidal minerals are the best sources of nutrition.
  • Drink Lots of Clean Water
    Drinking plenty of clean water is one habit that should be part of your ADD diet to feed the ADD brain. Increasing your intake of clean water to 8 to 11 glasses for each day will be extremely helpful by itself. Different forms of beverages such as teas and sodas do not count as clean water, therefore, only unadulterated water counts as water.
  • Protein Supplements
    A good protein supplement included within the ADD diet can be consumed during breakfast and in the afternoon. Increasing intake of foods rich in protein can help alleviate the symptoms associated with ADD, as these protein supplements are good food for the ADD brain.

What Are the Hallmark Symptoms of ADD?

Apart from the usual symptoms of ADD which are impulsivity and inattention, there are also other subtle symptoms. These symptoms can vary from person to person and may include anticipation of disappointment, boredom, worry, frustration, loss of motivation, sleep disturbances, low self esteem, substance abuse and a sense of hopelessness.

As the condition rearranges and changes itself in adulthood a complete different set of challenges take place. Adults struggling with symptoms of ADD quite frequently have a minimum acceptance for disappointments. They are straightforwardly distracted at home and at place of work. They find it hard to read or pay attention to one single thing, ostensibly giving rise to the never ending phase of starting a task only to leave it incomplete.

On the other hand, kids with ADD have an incredibly hard time paying attention on a single thing at a time. The child’s mind is bouncing around at a billion miles an hour, and their feet is all too eager to follow. For the reason that these kids have disreputably short attention spans, these warning signs however do not visibly display until the child reaches school, when their low grades and lack of ability to continue making progress with the rest of their classmates becomes all too obvious as palpable symptoms of ADD.

Therefore, symptoms of ADD can be quite different and exhibit themselves in a variety of ways in every individual. One individual might feel quite at ease sitting still while another is unable to concentrate and focus on certain tasks, and still another may have little difficulty in sitting still but without explanation may slip verbiage devoid of thinking, and then there is still another who may not be capable of sitting still for any span of time while also having trouble paying attention on a task.

Mangosteen Juice – One of Highly Recommended Natural Remedies for ADD

When dealing with natural remedies for ADD, the first one that you should always consider is the original Pure Mangosteen Juice. When we say natural remedies for ADD, these remedies must be formed in nature; Mangosteen Juice fits this bill because it has ten fruits within, all ground to juice format, with the main active ingredient being the whole Mangosteen fruit ground to pulp.

Since Mangosteen Juice is all natural and contains ten fruits within, it brings with it a host of healing properties, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as loads of other health benefits.

Natural remedies for ADD like Mangosteen Juice is surely a great help for anyone struggling with attention deficit disorder because it has no negative side effects compared to prescription drugs. It also has no known contraindications, hence it does not require stopping consumption of any doctor prescribed drugs, as it will not conflict with them. In numerous cases, the juice has improved the health condition to such an extent that doctors have been all too relieved to reduce the dosages of drug prescriptions.

Aside from Mangosteen Juice, there maybe also other types of natural remedies for ADD. However, Mangosteen Juice not only addresses the brain chemistry for those afflicted with ADD, but also addresses any injuries suffered in the gullet and improving the efficiency of absorption of nutrients in the gullet.

Because Mangosteen Juice works on so many fronts in the human body, the symptoms of ADD are well managed and controlled. One consumer of the original Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“I have ADD that I discovered 3 years ago that has affected many aspects of my creative & productive life. I have found the clarity and focus profound that Mangosteen juice gives me. For the past 3 years, after trying a variety of traditional ADD meds (stimulants & antidepressants) – as well as many alternative medical modalities for ADD including many different Amino Acids, nutritional supplements and vitamins, etc), there is not a medication or supplement that creates more energy, focus and clarity of my mind than Mangosteen juice.”


Mangosteen Juice is best integrated into the ADD diet, and taken in measured amounts of 1-3 ounces before every meal. A minimum time frame of 3 months is sufficient to observe noticeable changes, and when progress is noted, its best to continue consumption henceforth to allay the symptoms of ADD and stifle the worsening of the ADD afflicted brain without having to contend with any negative side effects.

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