Acid Reflux Foods – How many do you know?

How are acid reflux foods related to acid reflux? Is there a plausible approach to avoid or to stop acid reflux altogether, and all the horrifying acid reflux disease symptoms that come along with it? You can do that by introducing a good lifestyle, observing what are the acid reflux foods that have caused you discomfort and a loathing of eating any kind of food at times. Any person suffering from acid reflux or experiencing the different acid reflux disease symptoms, would be wanting to be especially focused in consuming acid reflux foods, which can minimize the incidence of acid reflux.

Increasingly, more and more people are becoming victims of acid reflux. Quite a number comprise of the older folk, who are experiencing problems with the muscles within their esophagus, as well as pregnant women who are at their early pregnancy and suffering from pregnancy-related acid reflux. But were you aware that even children are being affected by acid reflux these days?

Acid reflux has become very common among children of varying age groups. The process of children succumbing to acid reflux is similar to adults, where the stomach acid wells up into the esophagus. In this case, the food and stomach acid flow back up out of the stomach, causing discomfort, pain and irritation. For children, the undeveloped digestive system is one of the reasons why they are experiencing this so called acid reflux in children. As a result of acid reflux in children, there maybe occasional or frequent vomiting.

Unfortunately, quite often acid reflux in children can become concealed or go undetected for a long time, as children may not know how to express what they are undergoing and parents may just dismiss these occurences as stomach upsets. It is vital, therefore, that to treat acid reflux in children, food consumption should be at least 2 hours before going to bed at night. It is always beneficial to develop a good list of foods which are effortlessly digested. Another recommendation is that children suffering from acid reflux, should avoid carbonated drinks altogether.

As mentioned earlier on, the best way to take charge of your acid reflux, is you modify your lifestyle. By introducing good acid reflux foods in your diet, you are well protected against the incidence of acid reflux, including the appearance of acid reflux disease symptoms.

Such a lifestyle change entails self-care remedies, by way of avoiding the foods that trigger or activate the problem. By identifying and consuming only the good acid reflux foods, you need not be anxious of experiencing the symptoms.

The Good and Bad Acid Reflux Foods

When it comes to acid reflux foods, we may classify it under two categories. One is consuming only the good foods while avoiding the acid reflux foods that activate acid reflux itself or trigger acid reflux disease symptoms. When identifying these foods, it maybe wise to also consult your medical practitioner or you can simply do some research in a medical journal or health magazines.

acid reflux foods

It is generally not possible to categorize acid reflux foods, whether good or bad for all people, as everyone reacts differently to the food they consume. You will know by what affects you personally and the best way to go about it is to begin with a food journal. Keep track of how you feel, what you had consumed previous to that and the estimated time the symptoms started.

Of course, there are a few digestive friendly foods out there. For example there is yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, vegetable juices, steamed vegetables, beans that are well-cooked, rice, grains and sprouted seeds. There are also good acid reflux foods that are full of digestive enzymes, such as dried figs, fresh or dried papaya and fresh pineapple. Still adding to that list of beneficial foods are apple cider vinegar, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil or from fish, as well as almonds. By following a strict diet and incorporating these good foods, you will have a greater chance of preventing acid reflux occurrence, as well as any acid reflux disease symptoms.

On the other hand, when we consider acid reflux in children, there are also food categories available and easily obtainable. In the very beginning, parents will have to start a food journal for their children by eliminating all food which are known to cause and aggravate this condition. This will obviously includes chocolate products, acidic foods, and carbonated beverages. You may even need to decrease the quantity of tomato ketchup your child eats, although this is easier said than done, as most children love this if they have come in contact with it before.

Other bad acid reflux foods, which are known to trigger acid reflux disease symptoms, are fried foods; also trim down on the amount of meat you consume. If possible, try to totally avoid meats that are well-known to cause acid reflux, including deli meats, pastrami, pepperoni, ham and cold cuts. Still other foods that can cause acid reflux to burst out is coffee, tomatoes, soda, wine, beer, other alcoholic beverages, chocolate, trans-fats and high fructose corn syrups.

Pure Mangosteen Juice Works in Preventing Acid Reflux

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Pure Mangosteen Juice functions in many ways as it contains anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant compounds, anti-convulsant and a lot of health benefits due to the abundance of nutrient density found in the pericarp and seeds of the fruit. How has Pure Mangosteen Juice fared with those who are suffering with acid reflux disease symptoms? Here is a testimonial which speaks of a mother’s ordeal:

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10/18/2006 -- Donna from Idaho

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